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The LGEM Duo

Dr. Robert David Billington, flute

Daniel Montana, guitar

The newest regular member of the LGEM Ensembles, Guitarist/Bassist Danny Montana specializes in Jazz, Latin and Classical Music. Born in Miami, Florida, he has studied musical performance and composition at Berklee College of Music, FIU and the University of Miami.  He also has wide experience performing various popular and ethnic musics around South Florida, on cruise ships, in Sweden, and in New England.

The LGEM Duo specializes in the performance of the popular and folkloric genres of the Western Hemisphere.

 Music from the USA, Cuba, and especially Brazil are highlighted by the duo.

The LGEM Duo hit the stage for a video shoot and here are some of the results.

First, two pieces by Cuban icon Ernesto Lecuona.

Please enjoy four beautiful Brazilian offerings by Nazareth, Caetano Veloso, and Ivan Lins.